Celebrating Nanna’s Birthday

First, a quick update on where we are. We are soooooo close. We are in the midst of all the immigration paperwork at the end. The other day we got our I-800 approval and I loved that part that declared her as a relative. We have had to give her Chinese name and her American name. Each time we write it, it gets more and more real. We are on hold the next two weeks as the government is shut down for Chinese New Year so we will work here getting her room ready and preparing to travel. My main reason for writing today is to share about my mom.

Today is my mom’s birthday. It is hard to believe she is 77. She still works full time as the manager of the cafeteria at the high school. Her friends ask her all the time if she isn’t ready to retire, but she says as long as she feels good there is no reason to. We have lived with her since we moved back to the states in Dec., 2006. She has always welcomed us and supported us in all we have done. I think we floored her when we shared with her our plans to adopt. You have to remember that Tracey was going through cancer treatments and we had no funds for all the costs involved with adoption. We told her we did not know how God was going to work it all out, but as long as he kept the process moving forward we were going with Him. She was very honest with us, and told us she would never stand in our way, but she did not understand why we were going down this road. Her concerns were very real. We have freedom of time to do what we want without having to worry about children at home; we are at a good point in our lives where one son has graduated from college and has begun his career and our second son is in college. Freedom to come and go with friends, to do things at the last moment. Adopting a child means starting over. Her financial concerns were very valid as well as not knowing how Tracey’s health was going to turn out. She said she would pray with us and support us.

God has really shown Himself faithful. She has seen Him provide all of our funding through grants, and through people buying puzzle pieces (see this post) and Christmas ornaments. So many of you that we have not even met bought puzzle pieces and sent donations. You have no idea how that has spoken to her and others watching our journey. You never know who your actions and deeds are speaking to. Now, Mom’s heart is so ready for Ella Claire to be here. We went the other weekend and Mom bought Claire clothes for when we go get her. Mom is assisting us in getting Claire’s room ready and is loving her more and more each day. It’s just like our heavenly Father to work through a little girl in a faraway land to influence the hearts of so many. It’s just like him to give the gift of a new grandkid (He has given Mom many and she loves each one of them) to such a wonderful Nanna as my Mom.


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