GOTHCA DAY—March 31, 2014

Well, so the “keeping you updated along the way” has not really worked for me. As those who have been here know, we are more than tired, but today finally arrived. As we had breakfast this morning we were both a little anxious. We have worked hard at not building this day up in our minds as how we wanted it to go, but as you know that does not always work. Dang Er Xiang (our Ella Claire) and another little girl from her orphanage were the last two to arrive. We had watched some of the arrivals and parent-child meetings go really well and some be very tough. When ours arrived, we recognized her right away when she got out of the van. As soon as the nanny got inside with her and told our guide she was here we were able to get her right away. She does not talk much, but she never cried. She let both of us hold her and tolerated us loving on her. Of course, the fact we had snacks and juice were a big help. She never cried, but would not make eye contact with us for a long time. Since she got there so late we did not have to spend much more time there before we were able to come back to the hotel. She was fascinated with the bus ride and started making some little talking sounds on the way back before falling asleep. When we got back to the room we got out some more toys to start playing. Mia Lohmeier, she loves the purse!!!! It has been the biggest hit. She loves to put stuff in it and empty it back out, the Velcro confuses her some, but she just hands it to us to undo. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I got her a bubble bath ready. We did not know how she would react when we put her in, but she LOVED IT. She was so funny, she knew exactly what to do. She started washing herself and the ducks we put in there with her. She played and played and loved it when we washed her hair. She has had a short nap and is now ready to play. I know this isn’t very long, but we just wanted everyone to know it was a beautiful morning and now she has had a great day and is now laying on the bed laughing when tickled. WE would not be here without the support of all of you. Thank you for getting us to this day and most of all THANK YOU LORD for ordaining this day for us and having it in Your plan for us.


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